Tuition & Fees

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CLASSES 8/28/19—5/8/20. 

Ongoing Enrollment.

Amazing Classes at an Amazing Cost!  

Classes Available—Grades 3–8

2019-20 School Year: Math Lab, English Lab, Middle Ages History, Physics Science,
Music/Choir, Life-Skills, & Leadership

1 Class Available ThursdayGrades Pre K—2

Full–Time Program


3 Days/Week: 


2 Days/Week: 

1 Day/Week: 

+ Books if needed

A La Carte

(Individual Classes)
Day Rate


Multiple Days Rate


Must be used within current session. 

FREE Trial Class/Day

8 Week Sessions

$160 / Session 


ART or LIFE-SKILLS 1x/week

$100 / Session


Free Session


(After School Option TBA)

+ Books if needed

Attendance Policy

Students attend on the days that they have registered. 24-hour notice appreciated for travel and sick days. 
We prepare when your student attends.  Substituting days require pre-approval and should be minimal. 
Kindly let us know if you are unable to attend for any reason.

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Tapestry Academy, Tapestry, Boca, Boca Raton, Museum, school, tutor, class

Tutoring Program

Back to School or Not Back to School

If you’re looking for something different because...

• Your child’s slipping through the cracks at

public school.

• You are tired of homeschooling or need

a little help.

• You haven’t found the right private

school to fit your needs.

Tapestry Academy offers classes for you!

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Tapestry Academy, Tapestry, Boca, Boca Raton, Museum, school, tutor, class

What makes us special?

• More community. You’re not alone.

• Flexible full– or part–time classes 1 to 4 days/week.

• Focus on Grades 3-8 preparing for college

and beyond.

• Safe, faith–friendly environment.

• Focus on classics, real–life skills, and leadership.

• Work Space for parents and easy access to the

Children’s Museum of Boca.

• Enroll anytime during the year!

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Monday & Tuesday
Free Day— No Class

2019–2020 School Year
Field trip
planned 1x a month with families. 

Drive your own learning:  Read Ambitiously!  Aim for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week.
Develop Skills: Work on your typing fluency, handwriting, or learn to work with tools like a screwdriver or hammer.

Take a new class: Foreign language, musical instrument, painting.

Get outside:  Spend time in nature, build a fort, go to the beach.

Continue projects:  Keep moving forward in your projects from Tapestry.

Expand your world:  Watch a documentary, go to a museum.

Check out for Tuesday PE Classes.

We'll be there Tuesday Afternoons!

Music & Choir​

Music & Choir— Our music program will allow us to perform in the community for various events. Performance attire will be classical and will be a hallmark of our academy.  Music theory included.  TBA

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Leadership— Leadership and public speaking skills are enhanced as we practice becoming future leaders. We focus on the Classics and on becoming life–long learners. We cultivate character through our ten character values. We reverence God and honor America’s heritage.  

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Field trips

Field trips—It is our goal to attend a field trip at least once a month. We will choose opportunities that will teach the students about careers, history, the environment, and the arts. Possible field trips include: The Kennedy Space Center, Loggerhead Marine Life Center, Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, Mock Legislature and FIRST Robotics.

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