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Holiday Mini Class

Mondays, 2:30 – 3:45 p.m.

East Boca Raton

Music is amazing during the holidays.  We will be offering a mini choir session that will spread the joy of the season with our music.

This is a 6-week session with performances scheduled during the first 2 weeks of December.  We will have a family performance, as well as a community caroling opportunity.

$100 per session

Monday, Nov. 1 – Monday, Dec. 6

Practice at Home:  Spring Semester 2019 Session 2

Performance Attire

Navy Blue Pants (Girls may wear pants or skirts) 

White Button-up Dress Shirt (tucked in)

Navy Blue Jacket

Dark Dress Shoes (No white stripes)
Dark Socks for pants (No socks required for girls with dress shoes and skirts).

Girls: Dark Navy, Black, or White headbands permitted.  (No other colors)  Keep jewelry minimal and classic.

UPDATED May 2019:

Tapestry Turquoise Ties will be provided. 
Must be returned after each concert.  (A fee of $15 will be charged for damaged ties or ties not returned.)

Criteria for Younger Children

*  Must have permission from Choir Director.

1. Parents must stay for practice time.  (Outside porch/Inside room)

2. If the child is practicing and singing with us they can stay.

3. If they get distracted and start bugging their neighbor, they need to leave the room.

(Possible to step outside, then return when ready.)

4. They will need to practice at home too, as typically they aren’t reading the music and need more repetition.

(You can also audio record practices or video record to practice at home.)

5. Performance day, if they have a uniform and know the pieces by heart, they can perform with us.

(They can be with us for just the songs they know as well if they don’t know all of them.)

Ages 8+ or Mature younger children who LOVE to sing with permission.

Grades 3-12