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COVID-19 Update:

We are planning to meet together in-person following local guidelines.

Link to our 2020-2021 Plan

Video from our Parent Organization Prenda

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tapestry Academy a school?

Tapestry Academy is not a school. It is a home education resource where learners attend 16 to 20 hours a week in-person and complete 4-5 hours at home. Tapestry Academy is a community of families and professionals working together to create an education for grades K–8.

What is the admissions process?

The admissions process includes an application, portfolio review, an interview and a letter of recommendation. We will also provide you with a tour of Tapestry Academy. Grades or transcripts are not required.  

What do I need to know before I register?

Parents will be required to complete an online pre-registration parent orientation to understand the philosophy of our program.  We are part of the Prenda micro-school program in Florida.  We do not offer IEP or Special Education services.

Parent Orientation Link

Dress Code / Uniform

Uni means One. When we are together, we dress in a way that increases our self-value, leadership skills, and we look super sharp. We study better, and we become one in purpose and mission.

Solid colored or striped polo shirt, or dress shirt.

Navy, Black or Tan Khaki pants/ finger-tip-length shorts/ skirts.

Free-dress Fridays.

(No halter-tops, tank-tops, tight-fitting leggings, short shorts, or t-shirts with inappropriate wording.)

Weekly Info

Students bring a lunch/snack each day, or money for pizza on Friday. Aftercare is not provided. Tuesday afternoons PE Option is available at at an additional cost. (Not affiliated with our program.) Transportation not included. 

Learning Metrics (Prenda Program/Standardized Testing)

Our program is student-led and driven with guidance from parents and educational experts and

software guided by Home Education students will be assessed with the IOWA

Standardized test in the fall and spring for grades 3–8. We do not teach to the test. Math and English online programs meet Florida standards and are monitored regularly. All students must be registered

as Home Education students in their county.

Parent Involvement

We love parent volunteers if space is available, and parents are interested. Anticipated 4 to 5 hours a week of student work at home each week to encourage sports, music, and art, as well as continuing work from Tapestry Academy. Fieldtrips and class parties are coordinated with parents to find what works for each group best.  Our goal is to have an informal Parent/Family event each session for students to share what they've learned and display projects.

Do public high schools accept non-traditional students?

Yes. Compulsory aged students are not denied access to public high school in their assigned area where they live.  We offer year-end standardized testing with the IOWA test, to show grade level for grades 3-8. Grades K-2 will complete a portfolio review to satisfy home education requirements for the county.  Parents are required to submit all paperwork to their county.

Do high schools accept credit from non-traditional classes?

No. For advanced middle-school students requesting to take High school level classes at Tapestry Academy such as as Algebra1, High school level Spanish, etc., suggest that they take an accredited course online to receive actual credit on high school transcripts. Students can take a Florida Virtual class in these subjects and complete work during class-time, or by working at home.