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Enrollment Forms,
Our Team, Our Philosophy, Helpful Links & In the Media 

Hopefully, we have had a chance to talk or meet in person!

Enrollment Forms and Class Info
2022-2023 School Year

1.  Schedule a Phone Call

2.  Take a Tour of our location

3.  Turn in Enrollment Forms, 2 Recommendation Letters, $100 Registration Fee

4.  Pay First Month Tuition, Pay Supply Fee, Due August 1st for the Fall
5.  See the Student Handbook and Calendar for more info

Important Info: 2022–2023

Click Link to download from Google Drive.

Student Recommendation Letter (2 Recommendations please)

Calendar and Program Schedule (2022... Coming soon) 
August 22, 2022 — May 18, 2023,

Parent/Family Orientation, 1 week before classes start by appointment.  
Holidays: 1 week for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks for Winter, and 1 week for Spring.

Enrollment Forms (Download first and then edit.)

Our Team

Ms. Candi

Director/Owner Tapestry Academy

Grades K–8
10 Student Max


Enrollment Open


Ms. Melissa

LaGoonies &
Lake Worth Water Keeper

Nature adventures in Palm Beach County.  Learning about our environment and waterways.

Ms. Susan

Art Teacher
Tuesdays, 1-2 x month

Ms. Susan has been with us since 2019.  She was also an Art History teacher at the Boca Raton Museum Art School and was nominated the Teacher of the Year in Broward County.

Ms. Tara

Farm Day
(Mondays, 1-2x month)

Teaches sustainability and mindfulness through animal husbandry. Engaging children in the joy of growing your own food, while nurturing avenues for community service, showing kindness to animals and protecting our environment. BS in Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Science.

Ms. Quinn

Teaching Assistant

Ms. Quinn helps keep everything going smoothly. She has secret skills in arts and crafts, wood carving, paper mache, and clay. She is fun and upbeat, and we love having her with us.

Toni  & Uli Frallicciardi

Surf & Ocean Science
(Wednesdays, 1-2x month)

This is new this year for us. We are so excited to be joining Surf Skate Science in their surfing classes and marine biology classes throughout the school year. They have a love and passion for what they do, and it's contagious! 

Our Philosophy


Developing a Growth Mindset | Carol Dweck

Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson

Can kids teach themselves? | Sugata Mitra


The Self-Driven Child | William Stixrud + Ned Johnson.

Helpful Links

In the Media

The Importance of Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders