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Education Consulting

You are an ambitious parent who loves your kids more than anything.

You have a successful life and strive for excellence.

You genuinely worry that you are failing your children.

You see a need for individualized education.

You believe in the power of hard work.

Is this you?

I coach parents on a myriad of topics...

Researching educational choices

Meeting homeschool legal requirements

Coping with complex family issues

Convincing a spouse to home educate

Persistent encouragement


Hiring the best private tutors

Organization and scheduling

Connecting with local home education groups

How to get ahead in school

Overcoming fear

Long term educational planning

TV and video game addiction

Incorporating faith into educational plans

Visualization of the future

Sparking love in resistant readers

Cultivating children's passions

Counteracting negative input

Preparation for standardized tests

Overcoming self-doubt as a homeschooler

Candace Lehenbauer, Education Coach

Owner/Director of Tapestry Academy

Homeschool Parent to her 6 children

Home Educating for 13+ years in Boca Raton

Passion for Science, Music, Leadership & Classics

Coaching in Practice

Together we design a customized and comprehensive education plan for your child or family.

I visit clients in their homes.  They visit me and my family.

Why an Education Coach?

Parenting is hard work, and home educating can be a daunting challenge when you don't know what you are doing.  No parent really needs a coach.  There are plenty of successful parents out there doing a great job.  Do it yourself parenting is happening all around you, and every child definitely has a future, but...

You WANT a coach.

You want a competitive advantage.

You understand the power of modeling proven techniques.

You want to save yourself from hundreds of hours of research.

With my help, you can navigate easier, unlocking your child's greatest potential.

Investment Details

1x Consultation $250

Consultation for 1–3 Hours with a followup email with recommendations.

Comprehensive Homeschool Plan for the Year  $1,000

Initial Consultation for 1-3 Hours with followup email and recommendations.

3 add'l consultation visits or phone calls to build your plan with you.

School Year Plan for the Year $3,000

Initial consultation and individualized comprehensive homeschool plan for the year,

Including monthly contact or visits for the duration of the school year.

I recommend investing time, energy, discipline, and money when children are young
for parents to significantly alter their child's trajectory.