Micro School Tutoring Open House
Tuesdays in April & May
12:00–1:00 p.m. @ The Boca Children's Museum

Or RSVP [email protected] for a custom appointment.  Enrollment for 2019–2020 Begins Mar. 15, 2019.

Life Skills — Money Smart

New 5 Week Class
Starting Apr. 26, 2019
Skills that everyone should have, and so many enter adulthood without!  Personal Finance, Credit Cards, Debt, Real Life Decisions.  Fun to learn with friends! 
Grades 3-8, Prorated!

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New 4 Week Class


Art with Figure Drawing and applying what we're learning in Human Anatomy to art.  Drawing a self portrait, Wire figure sculpture and more!  Art in Ancient America is to follow for the next 4 weeks.

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Choir / Music


Come join our choir for
FREE until May 31, 2019
Free option for Grades 4-7. 
Monday and/or Wednesday from 12:30 – 2 p.m.  Join us for two performances, and enjoy the LOVE of music!
Check us out on Instagram!

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• Flexible classes 1 to 4 days/week.

Focus on Grades 3-8, 1 to 4 days/week 

Pre-K – 3rd Grade Class Wednesday Mornings

High School Classes Tuesday Mornings starting Fall 2019

• Preparing for college and beyond.

• Safe, faith–friendly environment.

• Focus on classics, real–life skills, and leadership.

• Enroll anytime during the year!

Try a day for FREE!

[email protected]

Looking for a few great friends to join us!

Fall 2019
Early Education
& High School

Early Education
Pre K — 3rd Grade

Thursday Mornings

3rd Grade – 8th Grade

Tuesday – Friday options

High School

Tuesday Mornings

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Fall 2019
Grades 3–8

Tuesday – Friday Options

T / TH:  

Math, English, Music,
Foreign Language


Art, Science, Music


Writing / History, Real Life Skills,
Public Speaking & Leadership

No Class on Mondays. 

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10 Character Values











Valiant Hearts and Minds.

Faith–Friendly for all faiths.

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What our customers are saying

Amazing, hardworking, dedicated homeschool mom and teacher. Candace Lehenbauer is the founder of the only homeschool Co-op in the area where kids experience, love, and learn science in the yearly Elementary Science Olympiad at FAU, placing her team in the first 5 teams in the region. Her dedication towards the children has shown in every weekly lesson. Candace has been able to successfully mix academics and fun for all, parents and children alike. In addition, her monthly blog has helped moms, old and new, with the homeschooling journey. I highly recommend Candace and any activity she would be involved in. Her dedication and tenacity have always gone above and beyond the call of "duty."

Cristina Ayala
— Boca Raton Homeschooling Mom

Check out our Pre K — 3rd Grade Class!
Wednesday 9:30 – 10:15 a.m.

Tell me more!

What is a Micro School?

If you're not familiar with micro-schools, that will soon change.  
Micro-schooling is the reinvention of the one-room schoolhouse,
where class size is typically smaller than that in most schools and there are mixed-age level groupings.
Generally, micro-schools do not meet all 5 days of the school week.  

Hybrid Homeschooling is also a term used to define micro schooling
where it is a cross between private school and homeschool. 
Tutors and parents work together to create a complete learning experience for the student.

The micro school/ hybrid school opportunity lies in the fact that we have:

Small Learning Communities

Multi-Age Groups

Lower Operation Costs

Personal Connections

Teacher Empowerment

Unique Curriculum

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